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Generate success in your loyalty, service, and conquest portfolios through a combination of turnkey predictive analytics, proactive marketing, and dedicated consultative services.
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Mastermind Sales Platform Features Mastermind Sales Platform Features

Predictive Marketing

A data-powered predictive approach focuses on channels and messaging that work. With each highly personalized marketing campaign building off the previous one, you can convert auto leads into buyers faster and at an ROI up to 15X. Learn more


Intelligent behavior prediction modeling algorithms easily identify for you which customers are ready to buy and the reasons why you should speak to them, increasing your dealership’s retention sales up to 15%. Learn more


Greater visibility into your service drive customers, due in part to our TransUnion partnership, allows you to market to and convert your service customers into new car buyers at a 4x higher activation rate. Learn more

Market Conquest

Behavior prediction and powerful data fuel automated and personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns to convert conquest prospects effectively and efficiently, creating up to an incremental 15 deals a month. Learn more


Experts from the field, directly in your dealership every 30-45 days. We're on-site and by your side to help you strategize, share best practices and conduct personalized product training and workshops with your team. Learn more

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Mastermind’s integration with Reynolds and Reynolds has been incredible. We started using service arrival notifications right away, so now we actually know in real time when a customer is visiting the drive. It’s been so effective that we even made a sale within the first day of going live."

– Denis Carey, General Manager, Audi Freehold




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MDL autoMation



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