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Mastermind is an automated sales and marketing platform that empowers dealers to increase loyalty and close more deals by predicting who is ready to sell or buy, and communicating to them with proactive marketing.
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  • Prioritization of Who’s in Market:
    An incredibly accurate Behavior Prediction Score® ranks leads on a scale of 0-100
  • Personalized Marketing at Scale:
    With over 103k variations, we personalize campaigns to each consumer’s pain points
  • Ramp Up your Service-to-Sales:
    Predict new car buyers and automatically find sales opportunities from your drive



Increase retention sales up to 15%



4X higher activation rate than any other provider



Gain an average of 15 incremental conquest sales per month1
1 Results vary based on dealership size

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If I did 2 deals it would pay for itself. But the fact that I'm doing 20 to 30 is incredible.”

John Falciglia,

General Manager, Gunther Volvo