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We Connect & Activate Through:

Customer Insights


Marketing Outreach

Consultative Services

  • Prioritization of Who’s In Market:
    An incredibly accurate Behavior Prediction Score® ranks leads on a scale of 1-100
  • Personalized Marketing at Scale:
    With over 103k variations, we personalize campaigns to each consumer’s pain points
  • Ramp Up Your Service-to-Sales:
    Predict new car buyers and automatically find sales opportunities from your drive

With Mastermind, you can increase profitability, sales effectiveness and tap into undiscovered audiences. Imagine knowing everything about a customer before they walk in your door. We do this through behavioral predictive analytics, targeted marketing outreach, and best-in-class automotive industry consulting.

Hear directly from our Dealer Partners

Our service-to-sales process before Mastermind was lacking. You have no information, you're starting cold with no data. So it was really difficult. Now, we have all the tools, we know exactly what to say. We could even pull up a car and have it ready for the customer."

- Nissan of Turnersville