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Mastermind is an automated sales and marketing platform that empowers dealers to increase loyalty and close more deals by predicting who is ready to sell or buy, and communicating to them with proactive marketing.

Maximize Profitability from Every Department

The Mastermind platform generates revenue opportunities from every corner of your dealership and for all types of buyers.

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Prevent customer defection with a reported 10% loyalty lift vs. non-Mastermind dealers



Increase audience engagement with an email marketing click-to-open rate more than 3x higher than the industry average



Average Cost per sale that is 64% lower than industry average

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We were able to just schedule appointments just like normal, set them up to come in and see us and we bought their car. So it's absolutely driving in business for us, not just selling cars but also getting trades.”

Chris Erxleben,

General Sales Manager, Team Toyota of Langhorne

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